September 20, 2012

How Healthy Can You Afford to Be

This budget stuff is tricky. I did something completely different this past week, we bought meat enough for 2-3 weeks. I still plan to buy fruit and veggies on weekly basis.  It is scary because I spent about $300 on food last week and  I really hope it lasts.  We are still making changes to our diet every week, which makes it really hard to stick to a buget.  One week we eat eggs, the next we don't.  We generally stay away from dairy, but I love cheese. Meat is always up for debate.  Grains at our home have become gluten- free and much more important, but we still buy bread to make the kids sandwiches with.  They do not have a big problem digesting wheat, only me.  So with all these new things that my husband and I are trying to implement, some which work and some that don't, it really makes sticking to a budget hard.  I am also finding that star items like raw cacao and hemp seeds really muck up the budget.  I find when I splurge on these things I save money...??, but the initial bill is a shock.  It seems to work out that if a splurge on making homemade goodies I don't buy the more expensive commercial alternative.

I also find myself trying to make a mental spreadsheet of groceries.  For example I try to keep track of which store has the cheapest almond milk.  I really want to make an actual spreadsheet of these things, but that seems like a huge project and I don't know what good it would do me.

I did figure out that for about the same price I can buy organic chicken thighs for the same price I can buy conventional chicken breasts.  So back I go to Whole Foods because it literally makes me cringe to feed my kids commercial meat at home.  I don't stress myself out about meat too much in public, but I feel like at home is totally my domain and I need to be as healthy as I can afford.  So that has become my struggle.  Finding out how healthy I can afford to be.

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