July 18, 2013

Body Hobby : Men's Day

The trend is changing and more men are starting to pay attention to natural health.  Before men who ate salad and tofu were thought to have lost some aspect of masculine strength, while men who ate hamburgers and pizza were some how superior in their rugged manliness.... Not true.  Mens bodies are just as sensitive to toxins as women's body when it comes to unhealthy ways.  Your prostate is just as vulnerable to toxins as our breasts!!!  Avoiding BPA plastics, sodium nitrate in lunch meats, and supplementing with green tea, zinc and lycopene (tomato sauce) can do you good too.

 Studies have shown that men who tend to lean toward a healthier diet have higher sperm counts, more mobility, a stronger libido and better performance than their chicken wing soda guzzling friends!

Few men who adopt a healthier diet ever turn to sex-enhancing medications like Viagra, because they don't need it.  It is the men who stand by their barbecued ribs, pizza, fried food and processed junk that end up at the fertility clinics or having prostate surgery down the line.  Processed food is a one way ticket to nutritional castration!

Thank goodness their are men out there that are opening their eyes to the gift of a healthy diet and learning about proper nutrition and how it can benefit them in their own lives.  These men, instead of taking cheap bodybuilding "man" supplements are opting for more quality, immune and brain boosting supplements.  They are also steering away from over-processed name brand foods and looking at more raw, organic and local produce options.   

So what are these men in the know taking, here is a few things:

Fish Oil - brain, heart, immune function and metabolism 

Hemp seed and quinoa - complete proteins from plants 

Super fruits: acai, blueberries, raspberries, noni, mangosteen, goji berries - brain, heart, skin, eyes and cellular DNA

Microalgae: blue green algae, chlorella and spirulina - cleansing, liver, protection of digestive cancers i.e. colon 

Trace Minerals: zinc, magnesium, calcium - heart, stress, repair and recover, immune

Controlled sunlight exposure: vitamin D - gums, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, heart, obesity, cancer prevention 

So men, start paying attention to what you eat, but that is not all you can do there is more.  A healthy dose of exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and getting enough sleep to recover from the stress at work and exercise is just as important.  If you can start to make positive changes in these areas you will be on your way to healthier, more peaceful life in no time.


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