June 19, 2013

Am I brave or stupid...?

Baby#1 + Baby#2 + Mom Passing + Fragile Marriage = 30 lbs. I dont want!

This is all my husbands fault and my big mouth. It all started like this...

"Hey, babe."
"You should do a fitness competition."
"I should?"
"Yeah, I have a friend that just placed fourth.  I think you could do something like that."
"Yeah, I could."

A few hours later in a different location the conversation picks back up...

"I don't understand why you don't do stuff for yourself.  Like your body, you should make your body your hobby."
"Ha ha, body hobby, Hobby Lobby"
"Yeah ha ha,  lobby body... Body Hobby!"

And there it was birthed.

Then I opened my mouth and shared and somehow now I am posting this online for all to see.  And I'm letting you all watch as I tone up.   I may have lost my mind!

Welcome to Body Hobby... the physical side of Ignite Your Life.

Wednesday will be BodyHobby day a new pic of where I am, bits and pieces of how I got here, what I am doing to slim down, tone up and a whole lot more.  Stay tuned.

Gotta go.  This is all the exposure I can take for today!

Oh and...

Left thigh  24”
Waist  37.5”
Hips  40”
Bust  37.5”
Left upper arm 12”

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