July 11, 2013

Body Hobby Update

I lost another half of an inch, which is plain miracle being that I went on a vacation for a week.

The vacay eating was  painful.  Anytime I leave my creature comforts, digestion becomes a problem.  This time around I relied heavily on digestive enzymes, probiotics, kombucha, and a rockin' whole food supplement to keep me on track.  Yet, and still I ran into trouble, and it goes by the name of Skyline Chili.

You see, I have a sensitivity to the nightshade vegetable family.  "What's that?" Well, it's basically any vegetable that grows at night, i.e. tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes....  Some bother me worse than others, but my worst offender is peppers, hence the problem with Cincinnati's most favorite chili spot.

The good news is I survived due to my vigilance with my supplements. The bad is that it still bothered me, but I got over it a lot faster than normal thanks to those supplements.  So, when traveling I definitely recommend: a digestive enzyme, a probiotic, Kombucha, and a good multi- supplement.

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